Modern Day Castration Of The Black Male

In recent years there has been an influx of homosexual black men on television. In this article, we'll explore how it is influencing those who watch it; especially young black males. Published research has provided evidence that media of any sort including television, social media, and magazines stimulate the mind. The human subconscious is constantly bombarded with hundreds of images and sounds every day. How we choose to entertain ourselves has a great influence on how we perceive the world around us and how we interact with it. 

It is more than evident now that television, social media, and music are used to control the masses; but there's also a massive conditioning of blacks and how the world views them. The vast majority of blacks themselves don’t understand how this propaganda is being used against them, because they view most of what they see and hear as entertainment. Oblivious to the subconscious ammunition being fired at their brains on the daily basis. What's even more saddening, are the parents who allow their children to indulge in these lower vibrational forms of entertainment.

A homosexual scene from hit TV series Empire

TV series' like the "Prancing Elites, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Power, and Fashion Queens" just to name a few; all feature flamboyant gay black men who not only engage in sexually explicit scenes but also prance around in leotards and other women's clothing. This is the image of black men that is being promoted extensively on television along with society’s image of black men as thugs who deserve to be killed in the streets or imprisoned.

The propaganda is to overly glamorize these images; creating an illusion that either the black man is a threat to the American public or that he is an effeminate man posing no threat at all. Either way, he is inferior. This a modern day form of castration; an inhumane practice used in American slavery to demasculinize black males. The essential part of the illusion though is to convince the young black male that he is all of these things and that this is what his community accepts.

In an earlier post, I addressed the position of the Uncle Tom and the Mammy,  a group of privileged slaves who are appointed by their white masters to keep the lesser slaves in order. You can call them what you want in this day and age; some even claim they are apart of the so-called Illuminati conspiracy, but one thing that's evident is that these so-called entertainers are posing as role models for our children. Re-shaping the black communities values like clay in their hands. It's our kids they're after because the children of today are the future.

One of the oldest war tactics ever practiced by man was cutting off the lineage of his enemy by either killing his children or making them slaves or soldiers in his army. These children would be brainwashed and trained to be loyal. This is the same tactic being used today; except it's done with entertainment, but the result is the same. The children begin to mimic the things they see and hear.

The black community is under fire by systematic oppression and in need of strong, masculine, intelligent, and articulate black men to build stronger family units. Multiple forms of genocide are being utilized at once; the homosexual agenda is only one. This insight poses a question. How can homosexuality be pushed on a group of people? Besides through media what other tactics are being used? I'll discuss this in future articles.

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