The Separation From Slave Culture

Regardless of the African Americans achievements, in the face of white supremacy all blacks are Slaves. Clearly among themselves blacks know where they stand intellectually; and make obvious distinctions between themselves. You know who's slave-minded and who's not. The slave-minded honorably refer to themselves as nigga's. The slave-minded obviously have a certain mentality about themselves. Contrary to what a Slave says about their character, Slaves tend to have the same characterizations no matter what part of the world they're in. Slaves tend to be disruptive, unambitious, and self-destructive. Slaves have low self-esteem and lack pride in themselves. The proof of this is in their neighborhoods. Slave neighborhoods look just like the people who live there; depressive and abandoned. Trash blows in the wind. Little Slave kids breaking windows of newly constructed houses. Liquor stores and abandoned churches on every corner. Shattered glass litters the pavement. Cars beeping horns at kids who don't have sense enough to move from out the streets. Parents fighting. Shootings that usually end up killing someone who had nothing to do with it. Excessive drug use in kids. Excessive teen pregnancies. Excessive homosexuality in kids. Excessive glamorization of materialism. Kids that have no respect for adults, elder's, or authority. No respect for education. It's not a coincidence that everywhere Slaves exist these are the conditions, but Slaves are content. Ghetto Fabulous! Real Nigga's! Bad Bitches!

We know that there are some individuals who unfortunately live in these communities that see the reality. Though you share the same colored skin, you feel as though you can't relate to the people around you. You see yourself trapped in some crazy circus surrounded by fools and nonsense. You don't call yourself a nigga or bitch, because the words offend you and you know the history behind them. You have goals that you aim to complete. You think very highly of yourself and it shows in your struggle to overcome the limitations of the "so-called" ghetto. You tend to stay away from negative situations or people who are usually the center of negative situations. You have respect for quality of life. Your priorities are organized.  You teach your kids to respect themselves, their elders, their education, and community. You dread everyday when your kids walk out that door into that jungle of a neighborhood to go to school...and dread even more they have to be around those Slave-minded kids. Everyday it seems you have to deprogram the negative concepts your kids have picked up just from being around other misguided children. You are clearly different.

Now, to keep down confusion, I'll also say this. Obviously, everyone will reach a point in their life when they fall on hard times and may make drastic decisions. Does this make you a Slave? No. "Slave" is a mentality. A psychological complex bred into the minds of African slaves, and then passed down to their descendants and so on; up until today. Slaves will be Slaves regardless of their ups or downs because, it's a mental conditioning and culture. You can take a Slave out the ghetto and put them in a high society community and they'll be sure to make a fool of themselves. This unfortunately includes children born to these slave-minded individuals who will obviously be misguided; though they may have a chance, if someone intervenes.

So why should blacks make a separation from Slave culture? Well, it's already bad enough that in the face of racism all blacks are Slaves. It's extremely important and fundamental to make this distinction because, it's the blacks with Slave mentality that give racist's in every ethnic group the fuel they need to stereotype all blacks. Black is the face of everything wrong with America and it's economy according to the media. Even though we know that's not true, Slaves help paint that picture. Everyday on the news, Slaves killing more Slaves and kids with their shooting. Irresponsible mother leaves kids in burning house while she goes to club. Browse YouTube and see a library full of little Slave girls twerking who can barely read. 1000's of video's of Slaves fighting each other. Turn to a music channel you'll hear these New Age Uncle Toms and Mammy's, rapping and singing and every other word is Slave, glamorizing selling drugs, shooting other blacks, doing drugs, going to jail, exploiting women, cars and jewelry you can't afford, sex, and homosexuality. A Slaves idea of a female model is a stripper. The women R&B singers who are the new age mammy's, parade around on stage in under garments; glamorizing the image of the brothel whore. The women on reality TV glamorize fighting and having a bad attitude. So, little girls watching are growing up inspiring to be nasty attitude having, self-hating video vixen's and the males thugs or homosexual or both.

Blacks separating themselves from that type of lifestyle and people who are about that lifestyle, not only gives children a better chance at life, but also sets an positive example for Slaves to come out of their ignorance. If Slave mentality was shunned instead of being tolerated, blacks that know better can make a difference in black communities. Good old fashioned values have been lost. It's time to bring back the village. So, that being said, this is a war we're fighting. A social civil war among blacks . Choose a side; but either your a part of the problem or your apart of the solution. Slaves are a broken arm to the advancement of the black race. Change cannot come unless blacks realize that just because, a person is black does not make them pro-black. There are some blacks that have the same disdain for their own race as the people who oppress them. It is also these same Uncle Tom's that infiltrate every black activist movement ending the chance of Pan-Africanism. If its not those kind, it's the lesser slave minded individuals who are content with their false sense of security and table scraps. They will not take action out of fear of losing what little they have; but to live in fear is not living at all.

Sorry if this article is a little frank, but reality speaks for itself and unless the black community is willing to accept the harsh truths that have become them, there is no chance of change. Remember, a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.

Note: To avoid using the "N" word excessively I replaced it with the word "Slave". 

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