Temp Agency And Its Clients Discriminating Against Black Employees

Personnel Staffing Group LLC (MVP) is being accused of discrimination of its black employees in a recent class action lawsuit. Allegations include that the staffing agency discriminates against its black workers by assigning them to the most laborious assignments, short-term, or over looking them for work completely.

The plaintiffs, complain that the staffing agency has clients who require them to assign Hispanic employees over the agencies African-American employees; and the agency grants those demands.
Allegations accuse the agency of even going as far as punishing its own administrative staff who ignore those requirements by assigning African-American workers to client projects. Eleven of these racist business clients have been named in the law suit. I'll list them below.

According to the plaintiffs, MVP's clients used a code word to specify if they didn't want African-Americans assigned to a job. The code word used was “guapos,” which translates to “pretty boys” in Spanish.

There's also allegations that a former manager of an Illinois MVP branch admitted that the staffing agency discriminately judges black workers based on their background, clothing, and tattoos they assume are gang related; while Hispanic workers are often not screened for a criminal background.

MVP has been the subject of several other discriminatory lawsuits along with a myriad of other employment agencies conducing racially charged unethical practices. Hopefully, this lawsuit creates a new standard for all employment agencies as a whole, being as though these are the conditions that African-Americans in the work force have to deal with across the nation; and not just in blue-collar industries either. Think about how black women working in offices are constantly discriminated against, because of their natural hair. Putting them in a position where they can't wear their own natural hairstyles just to keep a job.

The plaintiffs are represented by Christopher J. Williams and Alvar Ayala of Workers’ Law Office PC and Joseph M. Sellers, Shaylyn Cochran and Miriam R. Nemeth of Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC.

The companies being sued are:
Blommer Chocolate Company
Lawrence Foods, Inc.
MPS Chicago, Inc. d/b/a Jet Litho
Mercury Plastics, Inc.
Personnel Staffing Group, LLC d/b/a MVP
Advertising Resources, Inc. d/b/a ARI Packaging
The Penray Companies, Inc
The Segerdahl Corp
Westrock Consumer Packaging Group, LLC d/b/a AGI Media
MPS Chicago, Inc.
Personnel Staffing Group, LLC
Westrock Consumer Packaging Group, LLC

To learn more about this class-action lawsuit look up the case below.
Antwoin Hunt, et al. v. Personnel Staffing Group LLC, et al., Case No. 1:16-cv-11086, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.