Missing Black Woman From Berkeley, Mo Found Dead.

25 year old Monica Elaine Sykes of Berkeley, MO had been reported missing since October 28, 2016. According to her family she was last seen leaving her home in Berkeley around 7:00 a.m. and entering a white vehicle. She had informed her nephews that she'd be right back, but she never returned.

Her family and the Berkeley Police Department have extensively investigated Monica's disappearance, and even though they've come up with two possible suspects, no arrests have been made yet. One of them even being one of Berkeley's police officers; who was later dismissed as a suspect. The white car she was reported to had left in was also later discovered, but appeared to had been "engulfed in flames," say's Captain Jackson of the Berkeley Police Department; but there was no one inside the vehicle.

Sadly just yesterday, after 5 months of searching; the remains of a human body found in Kinloch, Mo have been identified as belonging to Monica Elaine Sykes. According to KMOV news, the police have not determined a cause of death yet.

Sleeping Giant Wake Up sends its most deepest regards to the family of Monica Sykes. It's another sad day in the black community as we mourn yet another missing black woman who's no longer with us. Washington D.C. is not the only place with missing black women. All across the globe black women and girls are being targeted.

I urge you all to proceed with caution, don't let your children traverse alone by themselves and always inform your family members of where you are going and with whom. That way if something happens, your family has a head start at helping you. I know all of this may make some adult women feel like children, but this is not a game. When you leave from home your family should have names, numbers, addresses, and license plates.

If you have information regarding Monica's disappearance contact the Berkeley Police Department at (314) 524-3311.

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