Investing In Your Childs Failure

Living in the Age of Technology makes it extremely easy for individuals to learn new things. The internet has made it possible for anyone to learn a skill while promoting themselves at the same time. Still many of us have become so absorbed into the entertainment industry; reality TV, music, social media, and fashion trends have become the highlight of American life. 

This lifestyle is producing a generation of children that are out of touch with reality and preoccupied with entertainment and materialism. Many of these children are bright but are robbed of reaching their full potential, because their parents have become too absorbed into the false reality matrix of materialism and entertainment to invest any real value into their children. As a result, these children grow up to follow the same destructive patterns of many who live in poverty. 

However many of these children have a chance if someone intervenes. A mentor can be the difference between these children being successful or them becoming statistics.

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