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Throw The Whole Holiday Away: Columbus Day!

With the recent surge of civil rights protestors and nationalists petitioning for the removal of Confederate monuments around the United States. Some even going as far as destroying statues themselves. A serious question is being posed for America. If Confederate monuments demoralize American values because of their direct association with the organization of slavery, racism, and division; wouldn't these standards also apply to national holidays as well?

I mean let's take Columbus Day for example.

Each year Christopher Columbus is revered as the European voyager who sailed the uncharted seas and discovered this new undeveloped land inhabited by just a few lonely and uncivilized savages who needed to be Christianized. This is what is taught in schools.

European Americans are comfortable with this image because it depicts their ancestors as heroic. Flip the coin the other way and that same image downplays the tragic impact his legacy had on the indigenous population of the Americas…

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