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Towns First Black Mayor Causes 83% Of Its Police Force To Quit

After former city clerk Tyrus Byrd was sworn in as mayor of Parma, Missouri on Tuesday, five of the towns six officers quit the force reports KFVS.

The officers resigning was synchronous to a city attorney and a water treatment supervisor, who both resigned before she took office.

Previous mayor, Randall Ramsey, who is stepping down after over two terms says, the city employees gave no prior notice.

As for the town's residents; they seem to be unconcerned about their safety after the two full-time and three part-time officers quit, and some think the town was overpopulated anyway.

“I think it was pretty dirty the way they all quit without giving her a chance,” said Martha Miller a resident. “But I don’t think they hurt the town by quitting, because who needs six police for 740 people?”

Another resident explains; that for the town to be so small and have 6 officers, you never see them and that there's been a recent series of burglaries.

Also Mayer Byrd and news officials from KFVS attempted to retrieve copies of those resignation letters to no avail, which imply's a cover up of some kind.

For a group of city employee's to quit en masse upon the election of a black person as mayor say's a great deal about racism hidden in the work place. Black people Wake Up and remember to always support your brothers and sisters.

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