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They Stole My Sons Organs: A Cry For Help

A mother desperately cries out through social media for help; seeking justice for the murder of her 17-year-old son Cedric McEaddy on May 18th. According to a report from the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, Cedric was an innocent bystander on Willmohr St. near E. 92nd St. in Brownsville, Brooklyn at about 10:50 p.m when a mugger attempting a robbery opened fire on a nearby 24-year-old male. Cedric was struck by one of those bullets piercing his midsection and killing him. The 24-year-old male taking bullets to the hip and right hand. Both victims were taken to Brookdale University Hospital.

In an interview with Sleeping Giant Wake Up Cedric's mother, a former social worker named Latisha Sanders (Afuwee Amun) gives a very different story contradicting that of the police report used by news officials. She passionately expresses her belief that there exists foul play in the killing of her son; in the police investigation, and in the handling of his body while in the care of hospital personnel. The Medical Examiner's Office is also suspect.

She recalls being "freaked out", by the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS having knowledge of her home address in China-Town, although the Brookdale University Hospital officials claimed that they didn't know who her son was, which is evidenced by him being listed as an unclaimed unknown male age 20 in the hospital's admissions. Absolutely strange that news reporters knew his name and age, but the hospital doesn't; although the news report is solely based on a police report.

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS couldn't seem to get their story together either she says, with the first publications stating that Cedric was the mugger in a robbery gone wrong resulting in his own death. They even went as far as citing his arrest record as usual in matters regarding blacks in the public eye. Those earlier publications were later updated resulting in the story referenced above.

Latisha in a very calm, but fervent tone goes on to say that the police report only stated one gunshot wound to the torso as physical injury, but upon arriving at the hospital at 3:54am the next morning she's told he was shot twice in the chest and once in the foot. The police report stated that he was dead on arrival; contradicting the hospital's staff and Chief Medical Examiner's statement that her son was still alive upon arriving at the hospital.

After patiently waiting in the hospital waiting room, at or around 6:00am, Latisha is finally told that her son has passed away and that she has 3 days to get her son's body. Heart-broken and crushed, she pleads to see her son but is denied being told that she has to wait for the detectives to arrive. This, she did not take lightly. Well after Cedric had passed, she was prohibited from seeing him.

After accepting that she has no other choice but to wait for the detectives to arrive she goes home as recommended by the hospital staff and waits for a call. After waiting well into the evening without any notification from the hospital or a detective she makes her way back to the hospital to demand to see her son. This time she's told by an admissions clerk," We don't have a Cedric Mceaddy here; all we had was an unclaimed male unknown age 20 and he's not here, go to Kings County Hospital."

Frustrated, Latisha catches a cab to Kings County Hospital and speaks to another admissions clerk. "We don't have anyone under that name and age, neither do we have an unclaimed male unknown age 20, check with the Medical Examiner's Office."

After waiting 2 hours at the Medical Examiner's office, she's finally told by yet another clerk that they didn't have anyone by that name on their roster for today or for tomorrow, the woman insisted that Latisha call back every day after two days to check with them. Latisha realizing, she forgot to tell the clerk that the hospital had him admitted as an unclaimed male unknown age 20, asked the woman to search under that label. "Nope we don't have an unclaimed unknown male on our list either", the woman says. "But how long does this process take," Latisha asked, "where is my son's body if it's not at neither Brookdale, King's County, or here?"

The woman paused for a moment Latisha says, then said they were waiting on ZincTech Labs. Leaving, she recalls falling to the ground in front of the office. "I felt like I was dying," she says, "nothing was making sense". How could they be waiting on some type of lab results or for a lab to do something pertaining to Cedric's body while at the same time not having the body or was it this lab that had the body?

Latisha waited until May 21, and instead of calling she goes back to the Medical Examiner's Office to see if they'd received her son's body. This time she's said that they did, in fact, have the body and had just recently finished working on it. She was still not allowed to personally view her child's body but was permitted to view pictures via a computer. He had bruises to the cheek which made her suspicious.

It was a whole 11 days after Cedric's death before Latisha finally got a chance to see his body at Fairhaven Funeral Chapel. Even then she says she was met with more obstacles when the funeral home mortician objected to her seeing the body before the funeral. Latisha says that was the last draw. She went to the funeral home and demanded to see her son before anything else was done to his body. What she saw when uncovering her son's body was nothing short of horror. His body was mutilated, she says.

"That's not my son", Latisha recalls saying as a first response. Cedric's face appeared to have been badly burned, Latisha says, and bruises on the face seemed to have disappeared, contradicting the photos she'd viewed at the Medical Examiner. The pictures did not look like the same person. His entire body looked as if it was opened and stitched back together in places that were irrelevant to any autopsy procedures. The body also had multiple stab wounds she says, that appeared to be old. "My son had never been stabbed before", she says. His organs had been harvested she later found out via the hospital's report which even names the person the organs went to.

On June 1, she contacted the Chief Medical Examiner's Office to ask questions about what happened to his body and why it was in so bad a condition. Latisha says she was also told that they actually did receive the body on May 19. This is when she learns that he was shot 5 times contradicting both the police and hospital reports. Cedric was shot in the chest, upper abdomen, arm, lower back, and the scrotum. It was also confirmed that Cedric technically was still alive when he made it to the hospital and that an open-heart surgery procedure was conducted to massage the heart due to a low pulse.

As of now, Latisha is still seeking justice for the murder of her son and the improper treatment of his body by city officials and licensees. Latisha also believes that her son's murder was set up and that his friends and associates know more than what they're telling. No arrests have been made as of yet.

"For two months", Latisha says "every state agency has refused to help me even Al Sharpton's office has failed to return my phone calls." She contacted the New Black Panther Party and the NAACP; all to no avail. All she was told is that her case was not "high profile" enough, but this hasn't stopped Latisha from seeking justice for her son.

Cedric McEaddy ($uave Bandz) was an aspiring rap artist and a 3.3 GPA student of New Dawn Charter High School. "He would have been your next judge", Latisha says "He wanted to study law and business". He had a scholarship to Pennsylvania State University to play basketball and a lifetime membership through Carnegie Hall to pursue music.

Latisha is asking for the support of the black community and all those who stand for equality and justice to join her on August 15th and 16th at the 67th Street Police Station
2820 Snyder Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11226

On August 17th and 18th at the Brooklyn Medical Examiner's Office
599 Winthrop St, Brooklyn, NY 11203

On August 19th and 20th at Brookdale University Hospital
1 Brookdale Plz, Brooklyn, NY 11212

Donations to help with legal fees and resources to aid in the pursuit of justice for Cedric McEaddy can be directed to

Demand accountability from our public leaders, public facilities, and municipalities by sharing this article as much as possible to spread the word. Our leaders should be obligated to help no matter if the case is a so-called "high profile" or not.

What determines if a case is a high profile? Is it how much money is invested or how trendy it is? Are hospitals allowing us to die just to harvest our organs? Are medical facilities willing to falsify information to make sure they get our organs? Are there cops involved? Are there street gangs involved? Is there a conspiracy behind black-on-black crime and street violence? We as a community set the tone, so let's hear it, people. Wake Up!

Caution the following photos are very graphic: