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Black Kids Who Mind Their Own Business, Literally!

Moziah “Mo” Bridges

Appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank at just 12 years old, this kid wonder had already begun his own start-up company, Mo’s Bows. The business assembles handcrafted bow and neckties. But, just a couple of months ago 15-year-old Moziah, landed an even bigger accomplishment by entering into a licensing contract with the NBA, which will give him the privilege to make his products using registered trademarks of the NBA. Check out his companies website at

Mikaila Ulmer

While brainstorming ideas for an eco-friendly solution to help dying bee populations, 11-year-old Mikaila decided to take her love for lemonade and her desire to help bees; put them together and boom! Me and the Bees Lemonade was born; a product found in Starbucks and Whole Foods stores across the nation. She's since landed an 11 million dollar deal with Whole Foods. What's so special about her lemonade you might ask; well for starters her lemonade uses honey instead of sugar as a sweetener and it contains only four ingredients. Each sale benefits organizations protecting honeybees, so this isn't just any ordinary lemonade; it's eco-friendly. Check out her companies website at

Cory Nieves

At just 6 years old Cory was tired of catching the bus to school and wanted to buy his mom a car; so he started his own brand of cookies. Since then, Mr. Cory's Cookies has become a local and mainstream name. The cookies are made with natural ingredients; but most importantly, "they're made with love, " the now 13-year-old Cory says. Love does make everything taste extra good. Check him out at

Maya Penn

She's 17 years of age now, but at 8 she was already an artist, animator, designer, philanthropist, environmentalist, and girls rights activist. She's CEO of Maya’s Ideas, a company she started in 2008. She creates handcrafted eco-friendly accessories and clothing. 10-20% of her profits go to local and global charity organizations. Her products are sold all over the world. Check her out at

Stay tuned, as this list will be updated frequently.